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A simpler, cheaper & easier way to get your ideal smile

At a fraction of the traditional in-clinic costs

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How it Works

3 Easy Steps


Free Video Consultation Online

Talk to a specialist to evaluate your case and discuss the treatment process right from Home.


Get your Personalised 3D Treatment Plan

See your Smile Evolution and Future Results with ZERO commitment

  • Your dental professional will create 3D scans of your teeth using an intraoral scanner or with impressions.
  • Your dentist will then map out your custom 3D treatment plan to achieve that perfect smile.
  • View your 3D Plan Online within 3-7 business days

Straighten Your Teeth from Home

Dentist monitored Clear Aligner Therapy which gradually aligns your teeth in as little as 5 months.

  • After approval and payment of your Treatment Prescription, your Aligners will be printed and available for pickup at the office, or can be shipped to your doorstep. Takes about 3-4 weeks.
  • Wear your Aligners for 22 hours/day, 1-2 weeks each (as prescribed by your dentist) for gradual super straight alignment after about 4-7 months.

1 FREE custom made Essix retainer is included with all our clear aligner treatments

Wear at night, when your treatment plan is over, to keep your new perfect smile in place.



Easy. Click here and select the option to book an appointment. Follow the instructions and that’s it! Contact us if you need any help.

Absolutely. Our Humm payment plan starts at €55/month with an initial €40 deposit. Monthly payments are debited from your card of choice.

There are ZERO risks for you to start the process as your Initial consultation Is totally FREE. This allows us to give you helpful information and alternative solutions If Clear Aligner Therapy I s not I deal for you. Get started today.

The Scan appointment is 30 mins, however, the scan itself can take between 3-10 minutes. We will take photos of your teeth and x-rays I f needed. This Is also the best time to answer any last-minute questions you might have.

Treatment time strongly depends on the complexity of the case. The average duration is 4-7 months, however, some cases can be shorter, and some longer. Your estimated treatment time is determined in your 3D Treatment Plan.

By using the newest technologies and with the advanced experience of our Dental Team, we’re sure you will LOVE your results! If needed, we may print a few more aligners at the end of treatment to fine-tune your results.

Real Amazing Results

See results in 5 months on average


Give your teenager an exceptional smile and the high-quality care that we deliver to adults, for a lot less than traditional braces.

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