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  • Definite tooth cut back 'the preparation'
  • Higher cost 'more surgery time and lab
  • Fees' starting price €500 per tooth
  • More dental visits
  • Three weeks of temporaries (sensitivity, colour and shape may all not be perfect)
  • For a very white colour whitening is not critical
  • Life span 7-10 years minimum
  • Hard to repair if broken
  • Need healthy gums to start
  • Need excellent home care to maintain smoking does


  • Zero or minimal tooth cut back
  • 1 single tooth €180, 2-8 teeth €160 per tooth and 9+ teeth are €150 per tooth
  • Less dental visits
  • For a very white colour whitening is critical before composite veneers
  • Life span 2-5 years
  • Repairable if broken
  • Need healthy gums to start
  • Need excellent home care to maintain smoking, drinking tea and coffee will stain or discolour the composite over time

Think About These Choices

Colour of tooth

Length of tooth

Width of tooth

Front surface added volume

Colour of tooth   |   Length of tooth   |   Width of tooth   |   Front surface added volume


Subtle/Edge Bonding

You know your teeth will look better in appearance, others may not notice but your confidence increases

  • Others may not notice your confidence increases
  • No change to the colour to your own teeth or matching to the whitening result
  • No change of the tooth length in the smile
    (you are happy with your smile line teeth that show)
  • Minimal change of tooth width (except to close spaces)
  • No addition to the front surface of the tooth, keeping the feel on your lip


You know your teeth look amazing and others will notice they look amazing but it's a natural look

Your confidence is powered up and you share that with your friends and co-workers

  • Positive colour change (whitening may be needed)
  • Possibly some addition to tooth length to show more tooth in your smile
  • Minimum change of tooth width (except to close space)
  • Minimal addition to the front surface, keeping the feel on your lip

Super Bold

Wow! You have 'had your teeth done' friends will notice you have had your teeth done. Big bold white smile which will take a little getting used too.

  • Extreme colour change (whitening will be needed)
  • Additional colour change with ultra-white composite
  • Definite addition to tooth length for a bigger bolder smile
  • Obvious addition to front surfaces of your teeth which causes obvious change to tooth width
  • Speech may be affected for a short time may feel weird to lip and may take some time to get use to

It's your choice, but please.

Tell us before we start!

After Care for Composite Veneers

Dont eat or drink for an hour after having composite veneers done.

Maintaining a good oral hygiene such as brushing twice a day with a soft toothbrush and flossing once daily with a Tepe brush (available from chemists) can help extend the longevity of your composite veneers. You should look after veneers as you would your natural teeth.

Check-up and cleans can help to remove build-up plaque that your toothbrush can not remove alone. It removes stains and polishes the composite veneers. You should also ask your dentist to check your veneers to see if they are still secured or if there are any visible signs of vulnerability.

As with natural teeth, staining will be less if you avoid or reduce exposure to tobacco, coffee, tea, or red wine. Do not use baking soda or any abrasive toothpaste.

Alcohol can soften bonded composite resin. If mouthwash is desired, select a non-alcohol-containing mouthwash

Avoid direct biting into foods, get into the habit of biting into all foods from the back teeth. Biting directly onto foods can put stress on the material and could result in a fracture. Eat with care in order to avoid chipping.

It is a short appointment and for the first year after having them done it is free unless we see continuous chippings due to lack of care or from grinding and not having a nightguard made. After the first year it will be a small fee to have repaired.

It's a lot like getting a new set of tyres. How long they last depend on the quality of the tyre, how well it was made, the type of road surfaces travelled, the way you drive, and how many miles you drive in a year. In the same manner, longevity of your veneers depends on your habits and how much stress is placed on the front teeth.
With prudence and proper care, current composite materials last a long time.

This is normal and to be expected when changes have been made to the shape and size of the teeth. Sometimes your speech may change or be affected in the beginning until your tongue adapts to the changes. Even though the changes are slight, (measurable only in millimetres), your mouth is extremely sensitive and will exaggerate those feelings at first. Usually after a couple of hours/days, the feelings lessen, and your mouth will feel normal again.

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